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After our powerful online magazine, Italy Best, and our even more successful cooking classes in Rome, Eatalian Cooks, we decided to create an Italian online cooking course with the owner of Mira Digital, which owns this website too, Helga, and our partner Matteo.

This Italian online cooking course includes only traditional recipes, made in the traditional Italian way. In Italy, cooking traditionally is the heart of Italian food and Italian cuisine, and this course is reflecting that. Learn how to cook like a real Italian!



Are you looking for Italian online cooking classes? We at Europe Dishes launched our online Italian cooking classes to teach you how to cook as Italians do, the Italian way. When someone’s searching for the best online Italian cooking classes, they might end up taking classes that are not by Italians and are not at all about traditional Italian cooking.

We however can assure you, that what you learn from us is authentic, and 100% Italian, as we are from Italy! Our courses were registered at our company base, in Milan, introducing our collaborator, who helped put this course together, Matteo Sala.

italian online cooking course

With our Italian cooking class online you’re going to get 9 basic recipes that we make and eat in Italy very often. Each of the recipes includes an introduction where our founder, Helga will share with you some history, some traditions, and some important details to create the dish the traditional Italian way.

It’s very important to know for a cooking course Italy’s basic food traditions, so you understand why our dishes are so delicious, and you can create them at home, at least 99% as perfectly as we do them in Italy. Also, we are planning to publish another 2 online cooking classes with another 10-10 recipes, so if you’ll sign up for all three courses, you will learn literally ALL the most famous Italian dishes that exist in our beautiful country!

How this Italian cooking course is created?

italian online cooking course

When you sign up, you will have access to the course for a lifetime. Each recipe is in separate videos and each of them comes with the introduction we mentioned, and then the registered steps of cooking the specific recipes. The videos have an audio guide too along the steps, so even if you are not watching, you know what’s your next move.

We also made a separate introduction video where we explain all the basics of Italian cooking and the traditions of Italian cuisine.

Moreover, each of the courses has a downloadable recipe card, and we also share with you the written recipe articles. The recipe videos have been speeded up, so we won’t waste your time while you’re cooking, and you can return to the site and the course whenever you’d like.

Italian Cooking Class – Course 1 includes

italian online cooking course

Our first Italian online cooking class includes the following recipes:

  1. Amatriciana
  2. Arrabbiata
  3. Bolognese Ragu
  4. Carbonara
  5. Gnocchi ai Quattro Formaggi
  6. Penne all Tonno in Salsa Rossa
  7. Pizzette
  8. Tiramisu
  9. Tagliatelle Pasta
  10.  Pesto

In our first course, we concentrated more on recipes originating from Rome, but there are a few from Naples, Bologna, and the region of Treviso. Each of our courses will have a mix of recipes with origins from different parts of Italy, so we can share with you the most popular, and the most famous dishes, and how to make them.

32 reviews for Italian Online Cooking Classes – Course 1

  1. Mary

    Matteo and Helga make this class unique. They are fun and they really explain how traditional Italian dishes are made step by step. We took the class together with my daughter, as a mother-daughter activity, since we both love Italy and Italian food, and we had some delicious dinner nights thanks to this class. We can’t wait for the next 10 recipes! Hurry up guys!

  2. Cathrine M

    The best part is, that even though they are Italians, or based in Italy, they explain everything in English very well, and it’s actually fun to cook with them! Getting insights into Italian cuisine is amazing! Especially because most of these courses are made by non-Italians, and they don’t make the recipes traditionally. Think about Gordon Ramsay’s “Carbonara” which is an insult to all Italians. With this course, you actually learn HOW ITALIAN make their dishes, and not the weird versions different chefs create around the world, and call them by their original name…

  3. Carol Jane

    We’ve been in Rome where we booked the pasta class of Eatalian Cooks that as it turned out, is owned by the owner of this website. I accidentally came across this course through Facebook, and when I discovered it’s offered by the same person as the cooking classes in Rome, I purchased this course right away!
    In Rome, we didn’t learn to make any of the sauces for the pasta, but we learned how to make fettuccine. This course was a great addition since now I can not only make for the family homemade fettuccine, but I can also prepare different dishes in the real Italian way.
    Thanks, you are amazing!

  4. Giulia P

    I’m Italian, and I grew up in Manchester. When I’ve seen the trailer video for this course, I was really excited, since as you all know, Italian food in Italy isn’t as it’s abroad. And since my Italian is not perfect, I always wanted to take a traditional cooking class, as I’m not a kitchen pro, but understanding Italian-speaking chefs would’ve been a challenge, so this course seemed to be the perfect option. My only issue was, that I would’ve enjoyed it more if there would’ve been more talking. But on the other hand, not everyone has time to listen to chit-chats while learning to cook. I do recommend it to all of you who want to- cook and eat like Italians!!!

  5. Tom Matthews

    Guys, thanks for this class! I’m happy I came across this on Italy Best, as a regular reader there, I noticed the new course’s banner, so I took it. My wife challenged me to cook her Italian every day until we make all 10 recipes. We are having Carbonara night today! Great couple’s course too!

  6. Mark

    So glad I purchased this. And especially happy there was a Klarna payment getaway!!! If you love your belly, get this course!

  7. Camilla M.

    What a lovely experience this is to learn how to cook authentically Italian. I’ve been to Tuscany a couple of years back, and the food was my favorite part of the entire trip! Now, I can cook myself all these delicious dishes, and the best is, that even with ingredients from the US, it’s tasting 99% as great as if you’d have these dishes in Italy. Though on our trip to Rome next year, I’ll surely get and bring back home some pecorino cheese and guanciale (?) so my carbonara and cacio e pepe will be perfectly authentic too. I recommend this class to all of you!

  8. Zoli

    Absolutely worth the money! Great recipes, great people, I wish you’d do this in person too!

  9. Thomas L

    Here’s another couple’s review! We purchased it so we can cook together with my wife. Cooking Italian, and Italian food definitely is great for couples!

  10. Orsi Lauber

    Following the review from my husband, I had to do it myself too!
    We decided to buy this course because one of our couples’ activities is cooking dinner together, and we had dinner, and in the meantime, we discuss our day, we laugh, we try to make the recipes perfect, and it’s helping us a lot to “work better together”. It’s something we’ve been doing for a few years now, and we love it. I personally recommend this course to anyone who loves cooking, who’s looking for an activity with their partner, or alone, or for anyone who just LOVES ITALIAN FOOD. We are looking forward to the next course! And thank you!

  11. Riccardo Moli

    Guys, you are amazing! The food recipes you shared are also amazing! Thank you!

  12. Lieeb

    I had some issues with the website and my account, but the course itself, after it started working, was great! Thanks to the team that sorted all the issues within 2 hours after the purchase. x

  13. Emke

    I couldn’t play the course for 2 days after purchase but they were working on it and continuously updating me on the situation. My 3* are for the reason, that I bought this course to prep something for the weekend my family was visiting, and I couldn’t. Though, now that it’s working, I will learn everything, and prepare the dishes for them for the next time.

  14. Megan

    Loved the course, fun, easy, and simple. Everything I needed to know was in it. Not only the recipes, and how to make them, but also the insights about Italian cuisine, the history of traditional Italian dishes, and the funny Matteo! All amazing! Thank you!

  15. Attila Kiss

    This course is cool even for those who are not at all pros in the kitchen – I’m not a pro either, and still, I managed to make all the recipes and they were actually good. My girffriend was actually surprised.

  16. Beatrice

    Yayyy, loved the course. Simple, easy, for everyone on the entry level in Italian cooking. Looking forward to the 2nd-course guys!

  17. Julia K

    I was hesitant to buy this course since I’m not really in the place to spend on these kinds of things right now, but I was really intrigued about what I can learn and I decided to go ahead. Thank god there’s Klarna payment too!! Loving every session!

  18. Liam Cook

    We just had our 2nd baby, and we have a 2 years old toddler, so wife is pretty busy atm.
    I decided to help her out around the house, and learn to cook, so we can have nice dinners, and she doesn’t have to deal with that too. I know, I’m a nice guy! Anyhow, I wouldn’t call myself a chef, and I didn’t cook too much in my life overall, but these recipes in the course are easy, delicious, healthy, and you made it so easy to prep.

  19. Emese Szabo

    I love that there’s a shopping list for each dish! I picked for my first week the amatriciana and the gnocchi, and for Sunday afternoon I made the pizzette too. I went shopping for these 3 recipes, got everything at once, and using my tablet I log in while I’m in the kitchen, I can listen to the introductions of the dishes, and then I’m prepping it while watching the video. Can’t wait to make all 10 recipes!

  20. Szilárd

    Recommending this course. Worth it, honestly!

  21. Sarah

    I really liked this class. It popped up on Facebook, and well, I wanted to take come cooking class anyway, so I was happy to find this one. I’ve learned so much about real Italian cooking, and I can’t wait to visit Italy too, because all this food just made me want to see it even more!

  22. Diego

    I’ve got Italian origins, though I was born in Argentina, and now I live in Spain. But because the origins of my family, and the fact that I personally don’t speak Italian, I was content to find a course with true Italian dishes, and my grandmother confirmed they are actually made traditionally, so guys, if you want to learn to cook Italian, you better take this class!

  23. Arianna

    I’m from Brazil, and I live in Rome. I wanted to surprise my local friends with a traditional local dinner, so since I was already an active reader of Europe Dishes, when the course went live I found out about it almost right away, and bought it. I wanted to make Carbonara for my friends since you know that’s a traditional Roman dish. The first try when I made it while watching the course didn’t come out as it was supposed to because I overcooked the eggs, but the second try came out perfectly. I also made the Cacio e Pepe, but I couldn’t manage to keep the cheese creamy, so I need to try again, and buy some Pecorino cheese that’s not matured.

  24. Rosati Camilla

    Quality could be improved a bit for the videos, but I believe the next course will be better, right? The content is exceptional, I loved all the recipes. Easy and delicious. Where did the Cacio e Pepe disappear though?

  25. B. Beata

    Easy, quick, and I love that you speed up the process, so we’re not losing any time on watching how things are getting done, but we still see the process, fast and easy. Love it

  26. Mike

    Guys, I loved you. The intro is absolutely hilarious!

  27. Judy

    HA HA HA THE INTROS! Loved the recipes too, but you are so funny!

  28. Beatrice Cazac

    Definitely recommend this course! It wasn’t expensive at all, and it’s really fun, easy, and those traditional dishes are absolutely fabulous! Thanks a lot! I’m happy I found you!

  29. Helga

    I’m reviewing this course because I appreciate first and foremost the fact, that right after I sent a feedback on the quality of two recipes, they replied, removed them, and promised to remake them once again. The arabbiata is already up, better than it was before! Thanks for your quick action! x

  30. Melissa

    I know you’re working on updating recipes, but please hurry up! I’ve already made everything that’s available, and I’d love to do something tomorrow too! The recipes are easy, and delicious, and I think I’ll just eat these dishes the next months. Too good!

  31. Lucas


  32. alice m.

    recommending this course to everyone who loves cooking!

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