10 Best Rooftop Bars in Budapest

best rooftop bars Budapest
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What could sound better than sitting at the best rooftop bars Budapest has to offer, tasting delicious drinks and food while enjoying the stunning panorama of the city? If you think it would be a great idea to discover the best bars in Budapest, you came to the right place! In the following list, you will find the trendiest places. In our rooftop bar Budapest selection, you will find places like the 360 Rooftop Budapest or the White Raven Budapest, which are definitely among the best bars in the city. If you would like to spend a romantic evening with your partner or enjoy the night with your friends, any of the bars listed below are a perfect choice. But now, let’s see where you should book a table!

10 best rooftop bars Budapest – best bars in Budapest

But before we start describing the best rooftop bars in Budapest, let’s see how we managed to select the best ones. When creating the list, we looked at the popularity of the bars, their style, the mouth-watering food choices offered by the kitchen, the cocktails, the prices, and, of course, the location of the bars.

A rooftop in the middle of the city can offer an amazing view of the bridges in Budapest. That’s why we have selected bars that will 100% give you the best possible view and experience. For example, the Leo Rooftop Budapest is located in the 1st district, and it is hard to find words to describe the view of the Danube from there.

If you visit Budapest, we recommend that you spend one evening in a rooftop bar. This is one of the best things to do in Budapest, as you can see the most important sights and architectural treasures of the city from above. Book a table just before sunset, so that you can admire the city in the lights of the setting sun.

The atmosphere provided by any rooftop bar Budapest has to offer is closely linked to nightlife, not to mention the fantastic gastronomy and cocktails that make the experience even better. Now, without further ado, it is time to take a closer look at the best rooftop bars in the heart of Budapest!

1. 360 Bar

best rooftop bars Budapest

We think we can agree that there is nothing better than a rooftop bar in the center of Budapest, especially on a warm summer evening when you want to get out after a hot day. 360 Rooftop Budapest is even more daring, as it has 9 heated igloos on the roof so you can enjoy the fantastic panorama undisturbed during the winter season as well.

The 360 rooftop bar Budapest is located on Andrássy Street, one of Budapest’s most famous streets. It is a cozy, less formal place, where the zest for life is bubbling in winter and summer. Classic cocktails start at 7.5 euros, while more special, signature cocktails start at 8 euros. At the same time, we also recommend the bar’s gin and tonic, and wine selection, also draft and craft beers are worth trying.

If you’re here, you should also check out the menu. In addition to the popular salads and burgers, there are such great food choices as spicy chicken wings, smoked salmon steak, or pulled pork burgers. The view is beautiful, you can see St. Stephen’s Basilica from here, but you can also admire the Citadel in the distance. Definitely, one of the best rooftop bars Budapest has to offer.

2. The Duchess

rooftop bar Budapest

In our rooftop bar Budapest list, The Duchess is one of the most unique Budapest rooftop cocktail bars. It is located on Váci Street. In Budapest hotels with rooftop bars are quite common, and this place stands out. The restaurant with a mysterious atmosphere welcomes its curious guests. The bar was inspired by the Austrian princess Clotild Maria, who asked her famous architects to create a hideaway on top of the Palace, where the social elite could get a taste of the pleasures of life.

Entering this small secret space, not only the sophisticated interior design but also the gastronomic experience offered by the master chef will blow you away. Among the bar snacks, you will find mouth-watering delicacies such as foie gras mousse, home-smoked salmon, BBQ beef cheek sandwich, or salmon tartare. Prices range from 9 to 15 euros.

In addition to the magnificent view of the Danube bank, The Duchess’ cocktail selection will surely amaze you. It is important to know that the place has its own cocktail creations. Examples include Her Majesty, The Duke’s Nightcap or The Royal Misbehave. The price of cocktails ranges from 14 to 18 euros.

3. High Note SkyBar

best rooftop bars Budapest

Continuing our list of the best bars in Budapest, let’s take a look at The High Note SkyBar. This roof terrace is one of the best rooftop bars in Budapest, and it is located in the center of Budapest, on top of the Aria Hotel. This two-level bar offers a breathtaking view of the most beautiful parts of Budapest. As with many restaurants in Budapest, the style of the bar and restaurant is based on an exciting combination of historic and modern style. There are comfortable sofas and armchairs on the roof.

Flipping through the menu, you will find classics such as duck liver mousse and buffalo mozzarella campana, but the main dishes also offer some exciting options. Examples include the Japanese specialty Okonomiyaki or roasted mangalica with sugar pea ragout. The main dishes start at 25 euros, while the most expensive dish you can order costs 36 euros.

However, what makes the High Note SkyBar worth visiting are the fantastic cakes made by the bar’s pastry chef, Pick Vera. And like many Budapest rooftop cocktail bars, the drinks menu is also rich. The cocktail creations are inspired by different songs, such as The Lion King or Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The price of cocktails varies from 9 to 13 euros.

4. St. Andrea Wine & Skybar

The next Budapest rooftop bar is none other than St. Andrea Wine & Skybar. This stylishly elegant rooftop restaurant Budapest welcomes you with allows you to see all the wonderful sights of the city. From here you can admire the silhouette of Gellért Hill, the Ferris wheel, the towers of Saint Stephen’s Basilica, and the beautiful buildings of luxury hotels in Budapest. 

Looking at the menu, you will find fantastic dishes such as sirloin steak, beefsteak tartare, salmon doughnuts, deep-fried veal leg, cheese selections, and many more. Prices vary between 10 and 70 euros. In addition to the quick snacks available at the bar, the restaurant also serves more special gastronomic dishes under the name Luxury Bites.

In addition to the rich selection of cocktails, it is also worth taking a look at the wine list. Here you can taste many options, and you are guaranteed to find the best wines from the country’s most famous wineries. There is a wide selection of domestic and international wines and irresistible French champagnes on the drinks menu, not to mention fantastic cocktails and strong drinks. If you want to visit the best rooftop bars Budapest has to offer, make sure to book a table at St. Andrea Wine & Skybar.

5. Leo Rooftop

tetőterasz Budapest

If there is a rooftop bar you must visit, then it is the Leo Rooftop Budapest. Many would say that Leo is the most beautiful rooftop restaurant Budapest will amaze you with. This sumptuously furnished bar is located on the roof of the Clark Hotel and is a favorite meeting point for many foreign tourists and domestic celebrities. This is no coincidence, as it has a fantastic view of the Danube, the Chain Bridge, and the Parliament, to name a few examples.

The Leo Rooftop bar Budapest welcomes its guests with bar snacks and delicious dishes, whether it’s lunch, dinner, or just a few great drinks you wish to enjoy. Here you can taste specialties such as the Coracao do Mundo cocktail, but you should also pay attention to the amazing gin selection. The price of drinks varies, cocktails are around 12 euros, while bottled wines start at 38 euros.

Leo’s menu is not to be neglected either. From mushroom soup with coconut soup to fresh mixed salads, homemade gnocchi, burgers, tenderloins, and fish can also be found among the dishes. The main dishes cost 13-18 euros, but you should also try the desserts, which currently cost 8 euros.

6. White Raven Skybar & Lounge Budapest – Hilton Hotel Rooftop Bar

Hilton Budapest rooftop bar

We cannot talk about the best rooftop bars in Budapest without mentioning the Hilton Budapest rooftop bar, White Raven. White Raven Skybar Budapest will make you fall in love with the Hungarian capital, as from the rooftop you can enjoy the most iconic views of the Castle District. You will find White Raven right next to the Matthias Church, on top of the Hilton Budapest Hotel.

Now, the Skybar is one of the most romantic places you can step into. The atmosphere is perfect for couples, but also for friends and families. Devine dishes are served which pair with exclusive champagne and wine selection. Not to mention the signature cocktails that were inspired by the seven deadly sins. It’s a unique experience to dine here, so make sure to book a table and bring someone special with you to share the special experience.

When it comes to the prices, dishes vary between 13 and 26 euros, while cocktails cost 13 euros. But believe us when we say that each cent is worth the price, as the food is super rich in flavor and drinks, especially signature cocktails are hard to compare with anything else in the city.

7. Solid

tetőterasz Budapest

best rooftop bars Budapest – rooftop restaurant Budapest

The next rooftop restaurant Budapest welcomes you with is the Solid restaurant and wine bar. This restaurant with a roof terrace is located in downtown Budapest, which of course also means that the place comes with a magnificent view of the city’s most important attractions. This cozy, not-too-formal roof terrace is the perfect place if you want to spend a pleasant evening enjoying a glass of fine wine and a spectacular dinner.

And what’s even better is that Solid is one of those rooftop bars and restaurants that not only open in the afternoon and evening, but you can also enjoy breakfast or brunch here. There are many great cafes in Budapest, but it is hard to top this place with such an amazing view. Imagine sipping your morning coffee above the city while the streets slowly come alive! Regarding the prices, having breakfast at Solid with coffee costs approx. 13 euros.

The weekend brunch menu features masterpieces such as boiled ribs with shallots served with soft-boiled eggs. The main course menu offers everything from rabbit liver to trout. The price of main courses ranges from 15 to 20 euros. When you visit Solid, we recommend the wine selection, as this is the perfect place to enjoy the great taste of the best domestic and international wines above the city. Still looking for the best rooftop bars Budapest has? Read on!

8. Fisherman’s Bastion

tetőterasz Budapest

Did you know that the Fisherman’s Bastion also has a rooftop bar and restaurant? The Fisherman’s Bastion roof terrace is one of the most visited rooftop bars in Budapest, which welcomes its guests with fantastic food and drinks, not to mention the breathtaking panorama. The view of the Danube, especially in the evening, from the Fisherman’s Bastion is unbeatable, and why not crown the evening with a delicious dinner while admiring the view?

What makes the Fisherman’s Bastion rooftop bar even more special is that you can choose a menu that includes a pre-selected wine. These menus include fantastic dishes such as lamb with smoked aubergine, fresh fish of the day, wagyu tartare with truffles, and more. Their price is around 130 euros.

At the same time, if you want to maximize the experience, you can also pay for 3, 4 or 5-course menus. Looking at the drink selection, the aperitif selections are quite impressive. Fisherman’s Bastion offers popular cocktails, domestic and international wines, and champagnes, the prices range from 9 to 30 euros.

9. Mammut tető – Élesztő Terasz

best bars in Budapest

We are slowly getting to the end of our list of the best bars in Budapest. However, we must mention Élesztő Terasz, or Yeast Terrace which is located on the Mammut roof. This place sits on the top of the Mammut shopping center. It is the perfect place if you feel like a cold draft beer or cocktail, and you wish to be a little removed from downtown Budapest, yet close to everything.

What you find here is a relaxed atmosphere, delicious drinks, and simple food. It’s a great choice if you want to get together with friends at the end of the day or relax with a cold drink or a delicious sandwich after shopping. If you would like to have a bite, we recommend the tapas platter, which costs 4 euros for 1, 7 euros for 2, and 12 euros for 4.

In addition to craft beers, spritzers, cocktails, and other drinks, live music often entertains the guests, which makes this roof bar even more special. In the summer, it’s a great idea to sit here and enjoy some good music. And, of course, while you doing this you can share a plate of delicious snacks, and refreshing drinks. But most importantly, spend a memorable evening in the company of your best friends.

10. Sky Garden Rooftop Terrace

best rooftop bars Budapest

On our best rooftop bars Budapest list, the Sky Garden Rooftop Terrace is one of the most unique. Located on Podmanczy Street, this place welcomes visitors with the feeling of a real garden above the city. As you have already seen, there are plenty of rooftops in the heart of Budapest. But if you are not in the mood for elegant places and would just like to relax in a pleasant environment admiring the city panorama, this sky bar is a great choice.

This roof terrace with a somewhat Mediterranean atmosphere offers a stunning view of the Buda Castle, the Nyugati railway station, the Fisherman’s Bastion, and Gellért Hill. There is no shortage of special cocktail creations here. We recommend the Sky Fashioned and Mango Margharita cocktails, which are among Sky Garden’s signature cocktails. In addition to cocktails, a wide selection of beers, craft beers, and wines is available.

The prices are similar to other rooftop terraces in the capital, cocktails are around 5-10 euros. If you are hungry, you can of course also have a snack. Dishes include fried squid, mezze platter, rib-eyed steak, burgers, salmon, salads, and much more. Main dishes cost 13-16 euros.

Bonus: Intermezzo Restaurant & Roof Terrace

rooftop bar Budapest – Budapest rooftop cocktail bars

Last, but not least, the last rooftop bar Budapest will surely amaze you with is the Intermezzo Restaurant & Roof Terrace. Intermezzo Restaurant & Roof Terrace is located on the roof of Hotel President. From here, you can admire the building of the Hungarian State Treasury, decorated with the unique Zsolnay roof, the Parliament, and the lively Danube.

Looking at Intermezzo’s drinks menu, we mostly see a good selection of domestic and French wines, but there is also a great variety of aperitifs, champagnes, and fantastic cocktail creations. Cocktails generally cost 7 to 10 euros. A small lemonade costs 2.5 euros and a large one around 4.5 euros. 

In Budapest rooftop cocktail bars are not complete without mouth-watering food options. The menu at Intermezzo offers a convincing range of starters, soups, main courses, and desserts. Starting with simpler salads and club sandwiches, the menu also includes roasted wild boar with homemade nokedli pasta or duck with cream pappardelle. In terms of atmosphere and style, Intermezzo is a relaxed place with an emphasis on comfort, fine drinks, and great food choices.

Wrapping up the best rooftop bars Budapest offers – rooftop bar Budapest

best rooftop bars in Budapest – Hilton Budapest rooftop bar – 360 rooftop bar Budapest

We hope that our selection of the best rooftop bars in Budapest inspired you to go and discover these places with your friends, family, or significant other. Any of the rooftop bars mentioned on our list is a perfect choice. Whether you decide to admire the view from 360 Rooftop Bar Budapest its rooftop Budapest, Leo, or explore the menu at Hilton Budapest rooftop bar, you will surely be amazed by the lavish experience! At the same time, if you are already in Budapest, find out from our articles which are the best luxury hotels in Budapest or the best things to do in Budapest to have an unforgettable trip!

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10 Best Rooftop Bars in Budapest
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