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Budapest is a real treasure when it comes to restaurants. If you want to be part of an excellent gastronomic experience, the best restaurants in Budapest are waiting to impress you. Whether it is Hungarian cuisine, international cuisine, or fusion dishes you crave, we can safely say that you will find everything in the city. In our Budapest restaurant selection, you will find 20 restaurants that will surely amaze you with their special offer. If you are ready to immerse yourself in the world of the most special restaurants in Budapest, read on and find the most exciting places where you can enjoy a memorable dinner!

Budapest Restaurant Guide – best restaurants in Budapest

If you are ready to explore the best places to eat Budapest won’t disappoint you. However, before we dive into our list, here’s a little insight on what to expect. First of all, we added the Tripadvisor rating to the description of each restaurant. This is a great starting point, but you should also know that the restaurants are not listed based on their TripAdvisor rating. We also took other aspects into account as well when creating our selection of the best places to eat in Budapest. 

The quality, the selection, the variety of the menu, the environment and atmosphere of the restaurants, as well as the pricing, were important factors. You will see that in addition to Michelin-starred restaurants in downtown Budapest, other special restaurants in other districts have been included in the selection. Now, without further ado, let’s see the best restaurants Budapest will impress you with!

1. Stand Restaurant – 2 Michelin Csillag

Budapest restaurant

Stand Restaurant Tripadvisor rating: 5.0

The first Budapest restaurant on our list welcomes its customers with the best dishes of the Hungarian gastronomy. The menu primarily consists of traditional Hungarian dishes made from seasonal ingredients, while each course is designed to meet modern gastronomic expectations. The atmosphere of the interior offers comfort and guests can enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience in a perfectly peaceful environment.

When it comes to Michelin star restaurants Budapest does not disappoint, and there is no difference in the case of the Stand Restaurant. The 8-course dinner menu is available in a vegetarian version too, as well as a gluten-free and lactose-free version. The price of the dinner menu is 193 euros, and the matching wine pairing costs 130 euros.

The menu includes dishes such as lecsó and goulash, but you can also order charcoal-grilled beef or venison. The selection of drinks is fantastic. In addition to wines from Somló, Tokaj, Etyek, and the Balaton region, many French, Italian, Spanish, and overseas wines accompany the excellent dishes. A pretty good start to our 20 best Budapest restaurants selection, right?

Stand Restaurant address: Székely Mihály Street 2., VI. district, 1061 Budapest

2. Essência Restaurant – Tiago & Éva – 1 Michelin Csillag

best restaurants Budapest

Essência Restaurant Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

As you may already know, if you want to explore the best places to eat in Budapest, the offer is not limited to Hungarian cuisine. The next on our 20 best restaurants Budapest list is the Essência Restaurant. This place offers an insight into Portuguese cuisine, more exactly, a special combination of Portuguese and Hungarian cuisine. The menu brings back flavors reminiscent of childhood, seasoned with the creativity of modern gastronomy. The owners, Tiago and Éva, are a married couple, and the restaurant is the realization of their shared dream.

While Michelin star restaurants Budapest has to offer are open mostly at dinnertime, Essência opens its doors at lunchtime also for those who want a special experience. At lunchtime, in addition to the set menu, you can also choose from the á la carte menu.

However, at dinnertime only the set menu is available. The 6-course menu costs 125 euros, the accompanying domestic wine pairing costs 185 euros, while the dinner including the international wine pairing is 195 euros. The menu includes mouth-watering dishes such as water buffalo tartar or cod.

Essência Restaurant address: Sas Street 17, V. district, 1051 Budapest

3. Borkonyha

Budapest restaurant

Borkonyha Winekitchen Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

Borkonyha has been one of the Michelin-starred restaurants in Budapest for almost 10 years. A fantastic place where eating takes on a new meaning! 3 out of 4 dishes on the menu are meat-based, and we are talking about reimagined Hungarian dishes, which are truly amazing thanks to the head chef, Ákos Sárközi, and the sous chef, Csaba Puskás.

Mangalica and fish cannot be missing from the main courses, but after the beautifully served main dishes, we can also order a divine dessert using ingredients such as raspberry honey, lavender, and many similar sweet treats. The quality, as well as the presentation and taste, deserve the Michelin star. And if we would like a tasting menu, this is also possible with several courses and different wine pairings.

Borkonyha address: Budapest, Sas u 3, 1051

4. Costes

Costes Restaurant Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

The Costes restaurant is another outstanding location on our list, as it also boasts a Michelin star. The restaurant itself opened in 2008 and got the star 2 years later. Since 2022, Jenő Rácz has been the executive chef at the restaurant. If you visit Costes, you should know that a uniform seven-course menu is at your disposal.

If you like the concept of fine dining combined with modern European cuisine, but also for the perfect dishes themselves, we can recommend Costes. In the mentioned menu, you can find dishes such as smoked dwarf catfish, duck liver, saibling, or venison from Orelak. Of course, the dishes are accompanied by paired wines, which can be requested separately. In addition to the Costes restaurant, you can also visit Costes Downtown!

Costes address: Budapest, Ráday u. 4, 1092

5. Rumour by Rácz Jenő – 1 Michelin Csillag

best restaurants Budapest

Rumour by Rácz Jenő Tripadvisor rating: 5.0

When it comes to Michelin star restaurants Budapest has some special ones, but one thing is sure, it’s hard to find something like Rumour. Among the best restaurants in Budapest Rumour is located in the embrace of the capital’s main theaters. The owner is the star chef, Jenő Rácz, whose philosophy is that the experience provided in the restaurant does not stop at serving food. 

The specialty of the place is the chef’s table concept, which allows the more spectacular elements to be prepared in an open kitchen, right in front of the guests. Of course, this is not all that makes Rumor stand out from the capital’s restaurants. In the intimate environment, guests can taste a degustation menu, during which they can get to know dishes made of rare ingredients.

The kitchen uses selected ingredients from all over the world. Since the chefs prepare the menu using seasonal ingredients, the menu changes every two months. The 6-course Pre-theatre menu costs 100 euros, while the 11-course fine dining Rumor menu costs 154 euros.

Rumour by Rácz Jenő address: Petőfi Square 3-5. V. district, 1052 Budapest

6. Parisi Udvar Passage Vendéglő

best restaurants Budapest

Parisi Udvar Passage Restaurant Tripadvisor rating: 4.0

The next Budapest restaurant is located in the impressive interior of the Parisi Udvar Passage luxury hotel. The restaurant welcomes its customers with authentic Hungarian dishes made from carefully sourced ingredients. The menu includes old Hungarian classics, accompanied by a fantastic selection of drinks and champagne.

The restaurant goes back to old traditional dishes such as stuffed cabbage, foie gras cooked in its fat, mangalica, Budapest tenderloin, or chicken paprikash. But you can also find Hungarian pastries on the menu, such as Hortobágy pancakes, apple pie, or curd dumplings. If you are looking for the best places to eat Budapest will impress you with the Parisi Udvar Passage for sure!

Looking at Budapest’s restaurants, the Parisi Udvar Passage restaurant is the place that is exciting for both Hungarians and foreign guests, as it offers great Hungarian cuisine. Appetizers start at 10 euros, while main courses are on average between 15 and 30 euros. But what else is on our Budapest best restaurants list? Read on and find out!

Parisi Udvar Passage Restaurant address: Ferenciek Square 10 Párisi Udvar Hotel, V. district, 1053 Budapest

7. Virtu

best restaurants Budapest

Virtu Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

If you are still interested in the best restaurants Budapest has to offer, you should visit Virtu, one of the top restaurants in Budapest. Virtu is located in the Mol Campus, at the Kopaszi Dam. The specialty of the place is the combination of Central European, Carpathian, and Mediterranean gastronomy.

As you may already know Budapest restaurants with a view are very impressive, and Virtu is no exception. The unparalleled panorama is accompanied by a nostalgic gastronomic experience, as the dishes made from carefully selected ingredients celebrate the region’s gastronomic heritage. Among the mouthwatering dishes, you can find Palóc deer stew and Krúdy broth made with boiled beef tongue.

Among the main dishes, perhaps the most outstanding are the venison with deer and the homemade pasta stuffed with wild boar, but the grilled sturgeon and the veal Vienna are also great choices. Desserts include casserole pancakes and Sacher cake. The drinks menu is enriched by cocktails, champagnes, and a great selection of wines. Virtu’s main dishes range from 13 to 50 euros.

Virtu address: Dombóvári Street 28. 28. floor, XI. district, 1117 Budapest

8. Bárkert Bistro

best restaurants Budapest

Bárkert Bistro Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

Are you looking for a cozy place in our best restaurants Budapest selection? Head to Bárkert Bistro! If you want to spend a memorable time in Budapest’s Castle District, then Bárkert Bistro will surely win you over. Located in a Neo-Renaissance building, this bistro welcomes its guests with a sophisticatedly furnished space, a history that is still alive today, and a fantastic culinary experience.

Bárkert Bistro is based on fusion cuisine, which serves traditional and classic dishes with new and unexpected twists. The restaurant combines traditional Hungarian dishes with excellent international flavors. This can mean unusual pairings of flavors and ingredients, but the result is always impressive. Definitely one of the best places to eat in Budapest!

Starters include dishes such as beef tartar or horseradish panna cotta with baked salmon. Their prices range from 5 to 8 euros. Among the main dishes, the Argentinian beef steak with silky mashed potatoes, the homemade noodles with blue cheese and toasted walnuts, or the skin-roasted salmon served with Béarni sauce and green asparagus are very popular.

Bárkert Bistro address: Ybl Miklos Square 2-6., I. district, 1013 Budapest 

9. Bombay Budapest

best restaurants in Budapest

Bombay Budapest Tripadvisor rating: 4.0

What are the best restaurants in Budapest if you were to visit the exciting gastronomic world of India? And most importantly, which is the best Indian restaurant Budapest has to offer? Well, if you are interested in one of the best Indian restaurants in Budapest, then book a table in Bombay Budapest. In Bombay, you will be greeted by the real Indian flavor. Nothing proves this better than the fact that the dishes are prepared by Indian chefs who use family recipes brought from home.

This unique restaurant showcases the finest Indian specialties from North to South India. Playful hospitality, a vibrant environment, and the meeting of traditional and modern Indian food specialties are what represent Bombay. If you love Indian food, Bombay is the best place to go.

The restaurant offers lunch and dinner. At lunchtime, you should try the Thali, which is served on a copper plate and contains 5 different dishes and desserts. In the middle of the tray, rice, papadam, and Naan bread are served. The menu also includes a huge range of Indian food. The prices of the main dishes vary between 20 and 25 euros. In addition to the meal, you can choose from a wide selection of drinks and cocktails, and the wine list is also worth checking out.

Bombay Budapest address: Október 6. Street 17, V. district, 1051 Budapest

10. Babel Budapest – 1 Michelin Csillag

Budapest restaurant

Babel Budapest Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

In terms of the best restaurants Budapest is undoubtedly the best place in the country, as you can find everything in the capital. Among the best Budapest restaurants, one of the outstanding examples is Babel Budapest, which brings Central European cuisine to the table. The work of the multinational (Hungarian, Ukrainian, Serbian) team is taken to the next level by the clear vision of the Swedish consultant chef, so you can expect a truly special, multicultural gastronomic experience.

The restaurant aims to find and use the best ingredients from Hungary, neighboring countries, and the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy to prepare impressive dishes. The modern, stylish interior provides a great place to relax and enjoy the heavenly dishes undisturbed.

The 8-course menu called Exploration costs 140 euros, and the accompanying wine pairing costs 68 euros. Upon request, the menu can also be prepared in a vegan version. The menu includes such fantastic dishes as smoked eel, oysters, guinea fowl, and potato casserole served with Mangalica bacon, but the list of mouth-watering dishes is far from over here.

Babel Budapest address: Piarista köz 2., V. district, 1052 Budapest

11. N28 Wine & Kitchen

best restaurants in Budapest

N28 Wine & Kitchen Tripadvisor rating: 5.00

If you want a homely place, which is modern and where the service is not just service but real hospitality, then I recommend the N28 Wine & Kitchen bistro to your attention! First of all, we would like to point out that N28 is located in the heart of the city center, a few steps from the Oktogon and the Opera, on the Hungarian Broadway, Nagymező street. Anyone who lives or works downtown can visit here for a heavenly lunch or even dinner!

We have to mention another childhood favorite, which I’m sure will have you all queuing up at N28: as a starter, you could ask for an amazingly delicious homemade jelly made from Mangalica. For the main course, we can choose from a variety of heavenly domestic and international dishes with and without meat, all of which are made from quality ingredients under the supervision of chef Szabolcs Nagy. A bistro where not only high-quality food and selected wines but also attentiveness, experience, and professional catering go hand in hand.

N28 Wine and Kitchen address: Budapest, Nagymező u. 28, 1065

12. Déryné Bisztró

Budapest restaurant

Déryné Bisztró Tripadvisor rating: 4.0

Among the best places to eat in Budapest another fantastic option is Déryné Bisztró. This great international but also Hungarian restaurant is located in Budapest’s castle district. The elegant, yet homely atmosphere creates a constantly bubbling life and cosmopolitan feeling, not to mention the almost all-day live jazz, piano, or DJ music.

Déryné Bisztró is a great choice for brunches, lunches, and dinners, both for families and groups of friends. The rich brunch menu offers tasty delicacies such as shakshuka, duck liver benedict, or avocado served on homemade rye sourdough bread. The breakfasts are approx. They cost 10 and 20 euros.

The lunch menu includes special Hungarian dishes such as fish soup, potato casserole, duck steak, and stuffed cabbage. And if you book a table for dinner, you will find everything from New Zealand lamb to wagyu steak. On the rich drinks menu, you can find both domestic and international drinks and wines. Once you eat here you will surely agree that Déryné is one of the best restaurants in Budapest!

Déryné Bisztró address: Krisztina Square 3., I. district, 1013 Budapest 

13. Zazie Bistro

best restaurants in Budapest

Zazie Bistro Tripadvisor rating: 5.00

Zazie Bistro is fresh in the selection of restaurants in Budapest, but it immediately wins the favor of everyone who visits here. As we know, the MOL Campus opened its doors a few years ago. However, in addition to the offices, impressive gastronomic opportunities await not only the employees here, but also the residents of the area, and anyone who wants to enjoy heavenly delicious reformulated Hungarian dishes in a beautiful, modern environment.

Zazie Bistro is located on the ground floor of the MOL Campus building. A great place for business meetings, lunch and dinner. If you’ve been here, be sure to order some of the pancakes from Hortobágy and taste the most delicious poppy seed cake of your life! Guaranteed to be the tastiest! In addition, Zazie’s master pastry chef enriched the flavor of our childhood favorite, bird’s milk, and rethought its presentation. We can’t reveal this here, but it’s worth trying if you’ve been to Zazie. The surprise will be worth it!

Zazie Bistro address: Budapest, MOL Campus, földszint, Dombóvári út 28, 1117

14. Nobu

best restaurants in Budapest

Nobu Restaurant Tripadvisor rating: 4.0

The history of NOBU extends beyond Budapest, to 1994 when Nobuyki Matsuhisa, Robert de Niro and their business partners opened the first NOBU restaurant in New York. Since then, the restaurant has opened in many cities around the world, from Las Vegas, Malibu, Milan, Miami, Hong Kong, Melbourne, San Diego and Dubai to Moscow. In 2010, new-style Japanese cuisine arrived in the heart of Budapest, at the Kempinski Hotel.

At Nobu, chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa combines the rich flavors of South America into a reimagined Japanese cuisine. An elegant restaurant where you can enjoy the flavors of the world in a cosmopolitan environment. Madonna says the city where Nobu opens will change. We can experience this personally at the Kempinski. On the recommendation of the restaurateur, anyone eating at Nobu for the first time should try 3 things from the 8 highlights of the menu, i.e. going through the courses from appetizer to dessert.

Nobu address: Budapest, Erzsébet tér 7-8, 1051

15. Felix Kitchen & Bar

Felix Kitchen & Bar Tripadvisor rating: 4.0

As you can see, the best Budapest restaurants are mostly located in the downtown area, and many of them offer a fantastic panorama of the Danube bank. If you want to enjoy the beautiful view of the bridges and the best places to eat Budapest gives extraordinary options. FELIX Kitchen&Bar is located between the Széchenyi Chain Bridge and the Elizabeth Bridge, so you can admire the sights of the Danube bank.

The restaurant is a full-fledged contemporary art space where many events and exhibitions are held. The interior is elegant and inviting, providing guests with homely comfort. The menu consists of classic favorites, made using special, high-quality ingredients. In addition to Hungarian and French cuisine, the chef also introduced Mediterranean gastronomy into the dishes.

Appetizers include French cheeses, caviar variations, and Gillardeau oysters. The main dishes include venison goulash, beef tenderloin, but also sea bass, giant black tiger crab, and lamb ribs. Main courses cost 39 and 50 euros on average. Of course, you can’t miss the impressive wine selection, which includes both Hungarian and international wines. What else does our Budapest best restaurants collection offer? Scroll and find out!

Felix Kitchen & Bar address: Ybl Miklos Square 9, I. district, 1013 Budapest

16. Budapest Bisztró Csárda

best restaurants in Budapest

Budapest Bisztró Csárda Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

If you are interested in Hungarian dishes served in the top restaurants in Budapest, head to Budapest Bisztró Csárda! This Budapest restaurant awaits its customers in a rather simple, but homely and relaxed environment. The kitchen is mainly characterized by Hungarian flavors, but there is also no shortage of Italian delicacies!

In addition to homemade pasta, risotto, and pizza baked in a wood-fired oven, the best of Hungarian cuisine lines up. Appetizers include Italian cheese, but also gray beef sausage and Hortobágy pancakes.

The menu of Hungarian main dishes is embellished with such heavenly dishes as chicken breast, beef stew with red wine, chicken paprikash served with nokedli, or Budapest sirloin steak. Main dishes range from 18 to 44 euros, while pizzas cost 15 euros on average. The drinks menu contains a wide range of Hungarian and Italian wines and spirits, but you can also try refreshing lemonades and cocktails.

Budapest Bisztró Csárda address: Vecsey Street 3, XX. district, 1054 Budapest 

17. Monkey Bistro

best restaurants in Budapest

Monkey Bistro Tripadvisor rating: 4.0

The best restaurants in Budapest are undoubtedly tempting, but the rooftop bars are just as popular. The Monkey Bistro combines the two, the special milieu and delicious dishes are crowned by the rooftop terrace offering a fantastic panorama. If you are ready to enjoy a rooftop evening in Budapest food in Monkey Bistro won’t disappoint either.

The restaurant is located in Budapest’s castle district, next to the Budapest History Museum. This bistro is the perfect place for relaxation and to enjoy the best food in Budapest. The kitchen is characterized by both Hungarian and international dishes. The menu includes, for example, farm liver, mangalica rillette, and bacon, as well as tiger crab, duck ramen, and chive cream soup flavored with passion fruit.

The main dishes are mainly Hungarian dishes, farm chicken breast, Nádudvari sirloin steak, and lamb shank, just to name a few. While the appetizers are approx. cost 10 euros, main dishes are around 13 and 23 euros. The drinks menu includes countless gin and tonic variations but also includes cocktails, wines, champagnes, and draft beer.

Monkey Bistro address: Ybl Miklós Square 4 Várkert Bazár, I. district, 1013 Budapest

18. Rudas Bistro

best restaurants in Budapest

Rudas Bistro Tripadvisor rating: 4.0

In case you are still asking where to eat in Budapest, here’s another option. On our 20 best restaurants Budapest list, the next example is Rudas Bistro. This Hungarian restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful locations in Budapest, at the foot of Gellért Hill, from which you can enjoy a fantastic panorama of the Danube. Rudas Bistro combines the flavors of modern Hungarian and international cuisine.

The carefully created dishes from seasonal ingredients take you back to the nostalgic world of the old days and bring freshness to the gastronomic life. The menu is often renewed, but you can expect heavenly dishes such as rooster consommé with chicken and mushroom gyoza, and fans of traditional Hungarian cuisine can also find the goulash on the menu, of course.

Among the main dishes, you can find farm chicken with paprika, sztrapacska with mutton cheese, but the beef burger is also worth a try. The main dishes cost approximately 13 euros. The drinks menu includes domestic and international wines, cocktails, and short drinks.

Rudas Bistro address: Döbrentei Square 9, I. district, 1013 Budapest

19. Menza Étterem és Kávézó

best restaurants in Budapest

Menza Étterem és Kávézó Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

Budapest has no shortage of cafes and restaurants, and Menza Étterem és Kávéház (Menza Restaurant and Coffee House) combines the two. And all this in an infinitely relaxed, homely environment. According to Menza’s philosophy, here you can enjoy sipping your coffee on the terrace, but you can also eat well. One thing is sure, Menza is one of the best Hungarian restaurants in Budapest. But that is not all.

Nothing proves better that Menza is one of the best places to eat in Budapest than the rich menu. There is a specially prepared lunch menu for each day of the week, and in addition, the menu also includes a rich selection of other dishes. Looking through the list, you can quickly realize that it is international cuisine, since in addition to the cold dish composed of duck and mangalica, you can also order Venezuelan arepa with avocado and shrimp.

Among the main dishes are mangalica virgin, Thai green curry, grilled lamb liver, grilled steak with onions, red wine beef stew, risottos, burgers, and pasta. The price of the main dishes is usually around 13 euros. The drinks menu includes coffee, soft drinks, lemonades, draft beers, bitters, Hungarian, and foreign wines.

Menza Étterem és Kávézó address: Liszt Ferenc Square 2, VI. district, 1061 Budapest

20. Fuji Japán Étterem

Fuji Japán Restaurant Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

A Japanese restaurant in a quiet, peaceful corner of Budapest? Yes! Among the top restaurants in Budapest has to offer, the Fuji Japanese restaurant awaits guests who want to relax and recharge far from the noise of the city. Fuji opened in 1991 and is considered the first traditional Japanese restaurant in Hungary. Needless to say, also one of the top restaurants in Budapest.

The style of the restaurant is defined by the simple, refined Japanese interior design. In addition to the well-known sushi and sashimi dishes, the menu also includes classic Japanese gastronomic specialties such as teppanyaki, tempura, nabemono, and noodles. The chefs use carefully selected high-quality ingredients to create the masterpieces of classic Japanese cuisine using the latest technologies.

One of Fuji’s specialties is the tatami rooms, which ensure intimacy, whether it’s a dinner for two or an event for dozens of people. In terms of pricing, a sushi platter for two starts at 80 euros. Soups and appetizers cost 4 euros, while ramen costs 13 euros on average. Of course, sake and umeshu cannot be missing from the drink menu, but the selection of Japanese whiskey is also worthy of attention.

Fuji Japán Étterem address: Csatarka Street 54. III. district, 1025 Budapest

21. Főőrség Étterem és Kávéház

best restaurants in Budapest

Főőrség Restaurant Tripadvisor rating: 5.0

Where to eat in Budapest? The best Hungarian restaurants in Budapest have so many exciting locations for both tourists and Hungarians. However, Főőrség Étterem és Kávéház is a Hungarian restaurant in Budapest’s castle district, which is located in the heart of the Buda Castle Palace. Lavish elegance, sophisticated furnishings, and delicious Hungarian dishes ensure a lasting experience. It is hard to compare with anything else in the city.

The menu offers authentic Hungarian dishes such as chicken soup, goulash soup, confit duck leg with cabbage, and buffalo stew. The respect for tradition can be seen in every small element of the menu. One of the most outstanding dishes is Gránátos Induló, which offers a small taste of the dishes served for the Hungarian National Guard.

If you book a table here, make sure to leave room for dessert. You should also browse the wine list. In addition to famous Hungarian wines, you can also find sparkling wines and champagnes. Not to mention that you will also have the opportunity to taste special wines made from ancient Hungarian grape varieties.

Főőrség Étterem és Kávéház address: Buda Castle, Hunyadi Udvar, I. district, 1014 Budapest

22. Manna Lounge & Étterem

Manna Lounge & Restaurant Tripadvisor rating: 4.0

The next restaurant is located at one of the most unique locations in Budapest, at the top of the Alagút, where guests can enjoy a magnificent view. The place allows you to admire the special panorama not only in warm weather but also in the winter thanks to the heated tent with transparent walls.

Also, if you want to taste the best food in Budapest, in Manna Lounge & Restaurant you are at the right place. International and Hungarian cuisine ensures that your taste buds will be impressed. On the menu, you will find specialties such as wasabi-white chocolate cauliflower cream soup or fish fillet marinated in fruit tea. Fans of traditional flavors will not be disappointed either, as they can taste delicacies such as tenderloin served with onion pie, rosé duck breast, chicken breast supreme, or railway burger.

In the Manna Lounge Restaurant, soups and appetizers cost 5 to 13 euros, main courses 13 euros to 17 euros, and desserts 5 euros. The extensive drinks list includes short drinks, liqueurs, vermouths, a selection of whiskeys, beers, wines and champagnes.

Manna Lounge & Étterem address: Palota Street, 17, I district, 1014 Budapest

23. Spinóza Bisztró

best restaurants in Budapest

Spinóza Bisztró Tripadvisor rating: 4.0

The next restaurant on our Budapest best restaurants list is especially inviting for theater fans, as it is only a short walk from the Belvárosi Színház and Uránia. The specialty of Spinóza Bistro (in addition to its mouth-watering dishes, of course) is that it welcomes its guests with live music in the evenings, and on Friday evenings a Klezmer concert is held in the restaurant.

This Budapest restaurant greets visitors with elegance. Dark wooden and antique furniture decorate the interior. The kitchen mainly offers Hungarian gastronomic specialties. These include homemade dishes such as grilled Hungarian marinated goose breast with lecsó potatoes, homemade stuffed cabbage cooked with goose sausage, or roasted goose leg with onion mashed potatoes and steamed purple cabbage.

While appetizers generally cost 8 euros, main courses are around 13 and 18 euros. The Spinóza Bisztró welcomes its guests with a promising wine list, which features domestic wines. Go and check out this restaurant for fantastic food and an excellent atmosphere!

Spinóza Bisztró address: Dob Street. 15, VII. district, 1074 Budapest

24. Indigo – Flavors of India

Indigo – Flavors of India Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

The best Indian restaurant Budapest has to offer in the 6th district? Well, if you are interested in Indian restaurants in Budapest, we strongly recommend Indigo. This Indian restaurant is located right next to the House of Terror Museum. Indigo dazzles fans of Indian cuisine with more than 140 different dishes.

As a well-known restaurant, Indigo emphasizes the high quality of ingredients, flawless, authentic execution, and great hospitality, which, according to the restaurant’s philosophy, is an important ingredient of a lasting culinary experience. Guests can enjoy meals with exciting flavors in an authentic, elegant Indian environment.

Indigo’s menu offers mouth-watering dishes such as Thali, tandoor meat dishes, and curries, but you should also try pulao, biryani, seafood, and the unmissable spiced homemade naan bread. The main dishes range from 10 to 15 euros, while the Thali costs 9 euros. 

Indigo – Flavors of India address: Jókai Street 13., XIX district, 1066 Budapest

25. Pörc & Prézli

Budapest restaurant

Pörc & Prézli Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

Last but not least, let’s take a look at Pörc & Prézli as the last member of our collection of the best Budapest restaurants. The Pörc & Prézli Budapest restaurant is located downtown, close to the Basilica. The homely furnished small restaurant invites you with a friendly atmosphere, not to mention the heavenly aromas and mouth-watering bites.

Pörc & Prézli is also one of the best Hungarian restaurants in Budapest, as the cuisine is defined by the masterpieces of traditional Hungarian gastronomy. You will find amazing Hungarian dishes here, such as fennel egg soup with poached eggs, liver loop, Hortobágy meat pancakes, but you can also find Secler cabbage, mushroom paprikash, and pork knuckle on the menu.

The soups are approx. 8 euros and the main dishes are generally 16 euros. The drinks menu includes draft beers and masterpieces from the Szent András brewery. In addition, you can also choose from a separate wine list and pálinka list.

Pörc & Prézli address: Lázár Street, 1, VI. district, 1065 Budapest

Wrapping up the best restaurants Budapest can offer

These were the 20 best restaurants Budapest has to offer. As you can see, in Budapest best restaurants are incredibly impressive. Whether it’s Hungarian cuisine, international dishes, fusion restaurants, or flavorful dishes from the Far East, you can find absolutely the best food in Budapest in the best possible quality. While some cozy restaurants in Budapest amaze guests with delicious food and fantastic hospitality in the spirit of simplicity, other Michelin-starred restaurants offer surprises to those seeking unforgettable gastronomic experiences One thing is for sure, choose any restaurant from our list, the fantastic atmosphere and heavenly dishes are guaranteed.

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Best Restaurants in Budapest – Budapest Restaurants
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