10 best restaurants in Dijon

restaurants in dijon france
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Go to Dijon, they say. You will find a totally different world of tastes, starting with the amazing mustard experience that will shock you from the first try. We often go to places, explore their significant beauties and come back home with a bunch of stories to tell. Still, we risk missing one of the most important points that make the bond between culture and identity, such as food diversity. For all those who want to plan their trip to Dijon, France, one of the most important things to be considered is where to find the best restaurants in Dijon France as well.

Explore Dijon – Which are the best restaurants in Dijon France?

restaurants in dijon france

Dijon is a city in northern France, known very well for its food products with wine tastes. It is also known thanks to the vineyards that exist around it and the tasty wine assortments that link the town to a high expectation that is always met. Dijon means also history, while you can find out more about it by walking through the Renaissance architecture buildings and artistic Maisons. You will also be able to notice the amazing delights, such as the burgundy wines and famous mustard from Dijon.

In today’s article, we will present you with a list of the 10 best restaurants in Dijon France. Those are split into categories such as restaurants found only in Dijon, Michelin restaurants in Dijon France, best french cuisine restaurants in Dijon, as well as restaurants in Dijon that hold international cuisine. Enjoy a delightful article about Dijon’s most delicious restaurant experiences.

1. Chick D’or – A fast-food restaurant found only in Dijon

restaurants in dijon france

We start or 10 best restaurants in Dijon France with one of the best fast-food’s that you can imagine. Chick D’or is Dijon’s surprise in a matter of delicious fast food recipes. It comes with fast menus which have the specialty of chicken. With a good price-quality report and the exclusivity of being in Dijon, everyone had made quite a routine of frequently trying out all sorts of menus.

Even though most of their menus imply chicken, there are also vegetarian sorts as well. The quantity in the menus is really satisfactory and Chick D’or can be definitely considered one of the best restaurants in Dijon France when it comes to fast food quality and taste.

Adress: 39 Rue Berbisey, 21000 Dijon

2. Restaurant Stephane Derbord – Experience the restaurants in Dijon France

restaurants in dijon france

The Stéphane Derbord restaurant is the best welcome to Dijon that one could have. In a matter of fine local products, the restaurant has a growing reputation, offering traditional dishes that earned a Michelin star.

As a newbie in Dijon, you can find this restaurant as the best Michelin restaurant in Dijon France, with fantastically adapted decor for a modern feeling, requisite cooking, and remarkable service. The variety of dishes offered are starting with sorts like duck foie gras to smoke pike perch and the deserts are considered to be a mix of exotics.

Adress: 10 Place du Président Wilson, 21000 Dijon

3. La Piano Qui Fume

restaurants in dijon france

You would definitely not expect to find a restaurant called “The piano that smokes” while traveling to another country. That is why Le Piano Qui Fume restaurant in Dijon is a mix of authentic Dijon vibes and locals gathering for refined restaurant experiences. It provides traditional Burgundian quality ingredients, fresh ingredients, and dishes cooked right over the order.

At Piano Qui Fume, you can try out French recipes that include chicken, fish, and beef. Also, try the desserts that consist of fruits. It is the best place to enjoy your quietness and what happens around you while eating and enjoying a glass of wine from Burgundy. We can be sure that it is one of the best restaurants in Dijon France.

Adress: 36 Rue Berbisey, 21000 Dijon

4. La Dame d’Aquitaine – One of the most sought-after restaurants in Dijon France

Spotted right in the center of Dijon, in the crypt of Saint-Jean abbey, La Dame d’Aquitaine is the proof of Dijon’s intriguing story. The restaurant is your starting point in exploring the magic of tastes, seasoning, and flavors. With menus having a diversity of dishes, and also famous wines, every tourist should have it on their must-see in Dijon list.

The entire place looks amazing, starring beautiful architecture. Moreover, the service is equitable and welcoming and the food is the best surprise you would ever have. Mustard recipes are one of their specialties, as well as the wines from Cote d’Or vineyards. All of those make this restaurant one of the best restaurants in Dijon Michelin starred in France.

Adress: 23 Place Bossuet, 21000, Dijon

5. Le Jardins de la Cloche

restaurants in dijon france

For the ones who love culture and want to find out more about Dijon’s beauty, Le Jardins de la Cloche is the best way. This Michelin restaurant in Dijon France is the best place to try amazing french cuisine is a typical french place. If you are one that finds it hard to decide on what to order, they have especially prepared a menu called “Flavors of Burgundy” all with french specialties.

Chill, admire, experience, and enjoy the diverse menus of french recipes. Also, try the wine sorties that express the flavor of the Burgundy region in a beautiful setting, either inside the restaurant or outside on the beautiful garden terrace. Furthermore, The Le Jardins de la Cloche restaurant is placed in the best spot, really close to the city center.

Adress: 14 place Darcy 21000 Dijon

6. Restaurant L’Edito

restaurants in dijon france

At restaurant L’Edito, everything you will get to taste is homemade. Right near the Arc de Triumph, L’Edito is one of the best restaurants in Dijon France. It offers all you can desire in the matter of local specialties. The diverse menu they have lets you try recipes starting from French-Conte salad.

Try also the renamed Burgundy style baked potatoes, to different meats, flameskueches, and welshes. An important thing you should know about L’Edito is that they have Italian cuisine as well, with recipes like homemade pizzas. Also, at L’Edito you can taste Asian dishes of soups, wok recipes, and fresh fish menus. You can either enjoy them inside the restaurant or on the terrace with an amazing view of Dijon’s city center.

Adress: 2 Place Darcy, 21000, Dijon

7. Restaurant So – One of the most innovative best restaurants in Dijon Michelin starred

restaurants in dijon france

Ran by a Japanese family, the restaurant So is the perfect choice if you want to try the mix of French ingredients, mixed with Japanese cooking techniques. At So restaurant, you can try french delights, and especially Burgundy cuisine.

They have a very good report for price-quality and are renamed for their sea-fruit dishes that are always fresh. It is a restaurant daily frequented by friendly locals. Then, if you really want to experience the local feeling in Dijon, this is the place! Moreover, This Michelin restaurant in Dijon France brings together French cuisine and Japanese inspiration through finely executed dishes.

Adress: 15 Rue Amiral Roussin, 21000 Dijon

8. Loiseau des Ducs

restaurants in dijon france

Since 2013, Loiseau des Ducs restaurant opened its doors in Dijon France. Since then, this restaurant had awarded the Michelin star through magnificent French cuisine, offered by Bernard Loiseau. The restaurant is the expression of french authentic recipes, sauces, and desserts, made with the best ingredients.

You can either have your plate in the restaurant or outside on the restaurant’s terrace while looking at the Palais des Ducs. One impressive thing to know is that the Loiseau des Ducs has its own wine cellar. Moreover, it is offering so diverse sorts of wines. It is no surprise, as Dijon is now the International City of Gastronomy. It is clear that Loiseau des Ducs had definitely contributed to earning this label, among other best restaurants in Dijon France.

Adress: 3 rue Vauban, 21000, Dijon

9. Chapeau Rouge Restaurant William Frachot – Among the best restaurants in Dijon Michelin starred

restaurants in dijon france

With two Michelin stars, Chapeau Rouge is one of the Michelin restaurants in Dijon France on our list. It is Offering a large assortment of Burgundy cuisine, mixed with other cultural influences. The restaurant succeeded to offer some of the highest quality French recipes, along with the finest wines.

You will directly notice how the food here blends so well with the decor inside the restaurant and also with the noble service experience. Natural flavors, mixed cultural recipes, and overall the French cuisine they offer. It makes Chapeau Rouge restaurant in Dijon one of the best restaurants in France.

Adress: 5 rue Michelet, 21000, Dijon

10. Le Pre aux Clercs – Among the Michelin restaurants in Dijon France

restaurants in dijon france

We decided to end our selection of top Michelin restaurants in Dijon France with a promising restaurant. Le Pre aux Clercs should be the best way to end your tasting experience in Dijon. Inside the restaurant or on its terrace, you will be able to try the finest Burgundy flavors in a matter of food, and the best wine assortments as well.

As Le Pre aux Clercs is a Michelin restaurant in Dijon France, you will be quite surprised by its complex menu. You can enjoy some Burgundy Truffles along with a glass of wine. All, while being surrounded by French history, in the Place de la Liberation, the central square of Dijon.

Adress: 13 place de la Libération, 21000, Dijon

From Dijon cuisine, with love – You are all packed for your delicious experience in Dijon, France

restaurants in dijon france

We are pretty sure that you wouldn’t have thought Dijon could have so much to offer. All in a matter of food delights too. The restaurants in Dijon France had been continuously developing and growing. It had become known all around the world for the requisite cuisine that they offer. It’s not a surprise that Dijon is called the gastronomic heartland of France, as well as the center of the Burgundy region in France.

The best culinary dishes from Dijon, along with the world’s finest wines can be tasted during your next trip. Moreover, The Michelin restaurants in Dijon France, have definitely taken the city to wide-open visibility for every tourist that had the luck to get there. Once you get there, you will be surprised. Bon appetite!

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10 best restaurants in Dijon
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