Patatas Bravas Recipe

Patatas bravas de Taberna y Media
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Are you looking for the best Patatas Bravas recipe? Well, you’re in the right place then! Patatas Bravas is one of the most popular Spanish tapas dishes out there, and no wonder why, since it’s simple yet super delicious! If you’re looking for a simple Patatas Bravas recipe, or more specifically the patatas bravas Barcelona recipe, since I know that this dish in Barcelona is always the best, I have prepared for you the patatas bravas authentic recipe that you can easily prepare at home!

Simple Patatas Bravas recipe – Patatas Bravas authentic recipe

patatas bravas recipe

Patatas Bravas is one of the best Spanish tapas recipes ever! It’s simple, easy, and tasty. It’s definitely one of the best Spanish potatoes tapas out there! We all love chunky double-fried potatoes, and it’s one of the most popular tapas dishes that you can actually find in every tapas bar.

The Patatas Bravas is one of a kind, with a soft inside and crispy outside. It is traditionally served with tomato sauce, which also can be spicy, and with alioi, which is more common in Calatonya and Valencia. Alioli is a garlic cream that makes the patatas bravas amazing and delicious. This Spanish tapas goes well as a side dish for different meats and seafood.

Patatas Bravas sauce recipe

How to make a simple patatas bravas sauce recipe? There is a tomato patatas bravas sauce recipe as well as one for garlic mayo. Now the tomato one is a bit more difficult, but when I say difficult, I mean compared to the other one where you just literally have to smush the clove garlic and mix it into the mayo. Of course, if you are planning to serve patatas bravas with homemade mayo, then that patatas bravas sauce recipe will take some time too. Overall, non of the sauces are hard to do.

Patatas Bravas sauce recipe with tomato

For the patatas bravas sauce recipe you need: 3tbsp Olive oil, 1 small onion chopped, 2 cloves garlic chopped, 230g chopped tomatoes, a tbsp of tomato puree, sweet paprika, chili powder, and a tiny pinch of sugar. The first step to make the patatas bravas sauce recipe is to cook the onions until they get translucent. Then on low heat on 3 tbs of olive oil, you add the minced garlic cloves, and when they start browning, you add the flour and the paprika too.

Keep in mind, that you must take it off the stove when you’re adding the paprika, otherwise, it will burn! Stir them well, then add the broth and stir it until the flour is perfectly combined. Leave it to cook while stirring it, until it gets thicker. Then you can use a blender to make it all creamy.

For the mayo part, you don’t have to absolutely put garlic in it. You can serve simple mayo, while you’ve got the garlic anyway in the tomato sauce. It really depends on the taste! Since I love garlic, I always add it to both sauces!

Now that we’ve discussed the patatas bravas sauce recipe, let’s see how to make our patatas bravas Barcelona recipe, shall we?

Patatas bravas authentic recipe – Simple patatas bravas recipe

Patatas bravas de Taberna y Media

Patatas Bravas Authentic recipe

Find the best patatas bravas barcelona recipe, the patatas bravas sauce recipe, and overall an easy and simple patatas bravas recipe that you will definitely fall in love with!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Servings 4


  • 550 g Potatoes
  • 5 tbs Sunflower oil
  • 3 tbs Flours
  • 4 cloves Garlic
  • 1 tsp sweet Paprika
  • 100 ml Vegetable or Chicken Broth
  • Salt


  • Patatas Brava is one of the most popular Spanish tapas dishes. It's super easy to make and delicious! Let's see how to make it with this Patatas Bravas authentic recipe.
  • First, you'll need to peel and cut the potatoes into bite-size chunks. Put a taller skillet with the olive oil to heat, and as soon as it's hot, add the potatoes.
  • Fry them on medium heat, stirring them from time to time. When they start getting a golde color and they start looking crispy they should be ready, so you can take them out from the skillet.
  • Put them on paper to soak up the oil, and put them right after in the bowl you'll be serving it adding the salt after taste.
  • When your sauce is ready you add it on top of the potatoes and you can also add on top some garlic mayo for better taste.
Patatas Bravas Recipe
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