10 Best Spanish Tapas

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Spanish tapas is something that anyone loves who has ever visited Spain, or gone to a Spanish tapas bar ever! The Spanish tapas somewhat compete with the Italian Aperitivo, but it is still different. We must admit that there aren’t many things that are better than great tapas, especially if you want some appetizer, or you just don’t want to eat a full dish. Spanish Tapas is a great option to share food with friends while enjoying the evening as well. In this post, we’re sharing the 10 best Spanish tapas dishes and best Spanish tapas recipes that you’ll find linked in the article! Also, you’ll get some information about Spanish potatoes tapas like Patatas Bravas and different Spanish tapas platter.

10 Best Spanish Tapas dishes and best Spanish tapas recipes

So, are you ready to find out which are the best Spanish tapas recipes? If you’re planning to go to a Spanish tapas bar, you will already know what the dishes are as well! Find out which are the best Spanish potato tapas you can get and what Spanish tapas platter to order or make!

The first time I tried Spanish tapas was in England, in a Spanish tapas bar. Here’s where I tried out different Spanish tapas platters to learn what I love the most, but also to learn to make them. Since this bar was our Friday to-go place in the evenings for about 1 year, we’ve got the chance to try out basically everything.

In the meantime, I had tapas in the house of Spanish people, and a tapas bar in London, but also in Malaga, Seville, Madrid, and Barcelona. If you’re asking me, the Spanish tapas is definitely an amazing option for food sharing and different appetizers! We love everything about Spanish cuisine, but also Mexican dishes, and while we mostly focus on Europe here, we still share some great recipes from Mexico, such as the Chili con Carne, or Sopa de Conchas.

History of Spanish Tapa

The history of tapas, and its origin goes back to many centuries. One of the most favored stories about the Spanish Tapas involves King Alfonso X el Sabio, who after the doctors’ order had to eat several small meals paired with a glass of wine.

The story tells that the king continued to practice snacking on tapas after his recovery too, and with time the Spanish population took over this habit from him. There are many theories for the origin of the Spanish tapas, and how it become famous though!

1. Patatas Bravas

Patatas bravas de Taberna y Media

Patatas Bravas is one of the best Spanish tapas recipes ever! It’s simple, easy, and tasty. It’s definitely one of the best Spanish potato tapas out there! We all love chunky double-fried potatoes, and it’s one of the most popular tapas dishes that you can actually find in every tapas bar.

The Patatas Bravas is one of a kind, with a soft inside and crispy outside. It is traditionally served with tomato sauce, which also can be spicy, and with alioi, which is more common in Calatonya and Valencia. Alioli is a garlic cream that makes the patatas bravas amazing and delicious. This Spanish tapas goes well as a side dish for different meats and seafood.

2. Croquettes


When it comes to the best Spanish tapas dishes and the best Spanish tapas platter, we say Croquettes! The most traditional type of croquettes is those with ham. However, you can find croquettes with chicken, cheese, or mushrooms as well. There are croquetas with king crab, squid, cod, or prawns too these days!

Some of our favorite Croquetas are with different types of cheese! If you’re looking for the best cheese croquettes or the best mushroom croquetas, we’ve got the recipe ready for you! Some of the best Spanish tapas recipes for sure! Croquetas are easy to make but it’s messy work as well. However, the results are always worth the work!

3. Tortilla de patatas

Tortilla de patatas

The Tortilla de Patatas or Spanish omelet is definitely one of the best Spanish tapas dishes ever! If you’re looking for Spanish potatoes tapas, after the Patatas Bravas, your next amazing option can definitely be the Spanish Omelet. To make the perfect Tortilla de Patatas (Spanish omelet) you must use great quality ingredients and the best-fitting saucepan.

One of the easiest and best Spanish tapas recipes, the Spanish omelet is consumed as a tapa, but it also is consumed for lunch. In many countries where an omelet or frittata is a breakfast meal, you might want to consider the Tortilla de Patatas too for a great Sunday breakfast or brunch.

The ingredients of the Spanish omelet are easy to find. You need eggs and potatoes. Though you can make it with onions and pepper too! You can find on our site as well the best Tortilla de Patatas, a Spanish omelet recipe too!

4. Jamón


My favorite Spanish tapas platter is always the Jamon (cured ham). It’s one of the most basic, yet the best Spanish tapas ever! The Serrano Ham is the most famous and the best ever Spanish ham you can try. It’s usually served as tapas, or you can ask for it at breakfast as well.

The Jamon according to many opinions is definitely the original tapa. Besides the Serrano ham, the Pata Negra is also very popular. When I’m in Spain, I always leave space to buy some Jamon before returning home, since the one you find there is obviously must better than the export ham.

5. Drunken Chicken – Pollo Borracho

pollo borracho recipe

Pollo Borracho, as Drunken Chicken is definitely our favorite chicken recipe and it’s one of the best Spanish tapas recipes we’ve ever tried and made. The drunken chicken is very easy to make, and you need just a few ingredients.

All you need is blond beer, chicken, onion, and optionally a bell pepper. You can make the Pollo Borracho as a dinner dish, or lunch, or serve it as tapas for appetizers. As a side dish, you can either do Spanish potatoes tapas, like Patatas Bravas, or sauteed garlic mushrooms in butter. It is going to be delicious with anything really!

6. Sauteed garlic mushrooms in butter

sauteed mushrooms in butter

If you’re looking for the best Spanish tapas with mushrooms, well here’s the best Spanish tapas platter you could ever crave for! The Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms in Butter are just amazing and delicious!

It is definitely one of the best Spanish tapas recipes ever, and we love to make it for either tapas nights or to serve it as a side dish near meat. The sauteed mushrooms with garlic go very well also with chorizos or the drunken chicken (Pollo Borracho) I’ve mentioned above!

7. Morcillas y chorizos

Morcillas y chorizos

When you go to a Spanish tapas bar in Spain, you must try chorizos y morcillas. This is one of the best options for a Spanish tapas platter that must be tried while you’re in Spain! Along with the Jamon, these are two of the most popular pork products served as tapas!

Both the Chorizos and the Morcillas are really delicious if you’re eating meat, and they go really well with Patatas Bravas, sauteed mushrooms, or other types of tapa.

8. Calamares


If you love seafood, this is one of the best Spanish tapas and Spanish tapas recipes ever! Calamares is one of the best-battered squids that’s fried in olive oil and served hot. If you go to a Spanish tapas bar, you will definitely find this Spanish tapas platter there! Calamares are popular all over the country, especially those cut into rings.

This is a classic tapa that is popular on beaches and coastal places in Spain. It’s a great tapa for after a beach day. These fried squid rings are tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Calamares is served with lemon juice on top, and it’s really great to try freshly caught Spanish squid in a Spanish tapas bar.

9. Mejillones de Hermanos Vinagre

Mejillones de Hermanos Vinagre

If you go to a Spanish tapas bar, and you’re looking for the best Spanish tapas that are about seafood, well you might just want to Mejillones de Hermanos Vinagre. These are basically muscles in vinegar sauce.

You can also order in a tapas bar simply just muscles that are usually steamed and served with lemon and finely chopped tomato. but also onion and pepper. This really varies from one place to another!

10. Paella

restaurants in malaga spain

I left the Paella as the last one since it’s a type of Spanish tapas platter that’s not shared the same way as all the above types of Spanish tapas dishes. Paella however is one of the best Spanish tapas and it’s definitely our favorite lunch option when it comes to Spanish food! Since I’m personally not eating seafood, though seafood Paella is the most popular, I’m making Paella with chicken. My first paella in Spain was in a restaurant in Malaga with chicken and pork meat.

It is one of the most popular dishes in Valencia, Spain but it’s very popular actually all around Spain. The main ingredient of Spanish Paella is rice, then vegetables, saffron, and different types of meat or seafood. It is definitely one of the best Spanish tapas recipes, and if you want to make a Chicken Paella, definitely check out our recipe!

Wrapping up the 10 best Spanish tapas dishes & best Spanish tapas recipes

Everything from the best Spanish potatoes tapas such as the Patatas Bravas, to the Spanish tapas platter and the best Spanish tapas recipe in one place. I hope you’ve found what you’ve been looking for and you can’t wait to make your tapas recipes or visit a Spanish tapas bar and try out some delicious tapas dishes!

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10 Best Spanish Tapas
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