10 Best Dishes in Romania

Traditional Romanian Dishes
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Romania is maybe not quite a well-known country like the other European ones. But, it does definitely have its significance around the world. There are some things that travelers or those who want to become ex-pats in Romania don’t know. They don’t know until they are finally here and try them. Only to realize that the Romanian country and culture has much more to offer than expected. Besides the history, culture, and great geographic paths, Romania is pretty loved by its inhabitants for the delicious Romanian dishes.

Discover the traditional Romanian dishes – What to eat in Romania?

The Romanian cuisine can be described as a diverse blend between lots of traditions that Romania got in contact with. There are many contradictions with other countries that some of the recipes Romanians have are taken from their own culture. But, in the end, every culture has its own features, characteristics, and mixes. All those are what put up the final result, such as the Romanian dishes as well.

In this article, we will present you with 10 of the best Romanian dishes. You’ll also learn about traditional Roman dishes, and food to eat in Romania. Moreover, You will learn about the Romanian national dish, and about what kind of food do they eat in Romania. Enjoy!

1. Sarmale

Traditional Romanian Dishes

The Sarmale, or Sarmalute, how they call them in Romania is among the best traditional Romanian dishes. It’s origins are Turkish though, and it’s considered a national Hungarian dish too. It is made by a mix of minced pork meat or with poultry as well. All those are mixed with rice, onions, and spices.

All this mix is rolled up in sour cabbage leaves. Then, The rolls are soaked in a special tomato sauce called bullion. After some hours of boiling, the sarmale is ready to be served. They are served with one of the Romanian side dishes, the polenta, and sour cream. You can serve the Romanian sarmale dish everywhere in Romania, and find it in every restaurant’s menu.

2. Ciorba de burta – The most loved traditional dish among Romanian dishes

Traditional Romanian Dishes

Among the best Romanian dishes served in Transylvania, there is the Ciorba de Burta translated as beef tripe soup. It’s definitely a must to try it, as it is one of the biggest delicates you can find in Romania. It is a soup made from the stomach of a cow, special bones, a mix of vegetables, and sour cream. It also has garlic added and vinegar. The best way to serve it is with more sour cream and some hot chili peppers.

Moreover, You can find it in every restaurant that serves traditional Romanian dishes. Or at some Sunday friends and family gatherings in Romania. It is one of the best cures for hangovers.

3. Mamaliga

Traditional Romanian Dishes

One of the best Romanian side dishes, Polenta is made from corn flour boiled in water. The only adding that it needs is a little salt and some sunflower oil. It is usually served with sour cream. Also, along with polenta, Romanians get quite inventive by adding salted cheese and eggs, by so creating a whole meal.

It is very healthy and makes a great pair with stews. Polenta is one of the Romanian side dishes that become most loved by tourists.

4. Jumari

Traditional Romanian Dishes

Romania has another interesting thing that always interests every newbie in Romanian dishes. Kumari is one of the Romanian starters. They are a crunchy and salty mix of bacon and the fat from the pig. Be careful, they can become addictive.

They are best served on the day the pig was sacrificed, together with raw onion and other pork delicates.

5. Salata de vinete – One of the most known Romanian dishes

Traditional Romanian Dishes

The Salata de vinete, known as the eggplant dip is among the best traditional Romanian dishes. Also, If you don’t know what to eat in Romania, this eggplant dip is the way to start. Then, you will know what kind of food do they eat in Romania.

It is quite easy to make it, as you only need eggplants, salt, onion, and vegetable oil. Those are mixed all together and then eat with bread and tomatoes.

6. Mici

Traditional Romanian Dishes

The Romanian mici, also called Mititei (little ones) is quite an easy dish to make. If you want to try the best Romanian dishes, but you are not sure what to eat in Romania, mici are the response. They are made of minced pork and beef meat, mixed with garlic, spices, and also sodium bicarbonate. They are very juicy on the inside, while crispy on the outside, making your mouth water.

The best way to eat mici is along with mustard and bread, as one of the best traditional Romanian dishes.

7. Drob de miel

Usually known among the best festive traditional Romanian dishes for Easter, the Drob de Miel (Lamb Haggis) is the response to the question of what do they eat in Romania. Moreover, It is a very tasty appetizer of minced lamb meat, eggs, and green onions. All those are mixed with bread and dipped in milk. Then, they are baked together in the oven along with garlic, dill, and parsley.

For those who do not as lamb meet, there are always other recipes with chicken or turkey liver. This Romanian appetizer is served cold.

8. Ciorba radauteana – One of the best Romanian dishes

Traditional Romanian Dishes

In each restaurant you’ll eat in Romania, you will encounter the Ciorba Radauteana among the Romanian dishes. Ciorba Radauteana is a sour chicken soup with garlic and cream. Moreover, It is one of the Romanian national dishes and among the most sought-after Romanian food dishes by tourists. Also, it is called the replacer of the Ciorba de Burta. It got this name as it has chicken breasts instead of tripes.The soup has plenty of sour creams, garlic, and vinegar.

It is best served with homemade bread and hot pepper.

9. Home made pickles

Traditional Romanian Dishes

If you wonder what kind of food do they eat in Romania and about the best Romanian dishes, you’ve got it. It is good to get some knowledge about how to do the Romanian prepare themselves for the cold season. As a matter of pickles, there are various Romanian traditions in the whole country. They are preparing cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, cauliflowers pickled in vinegar for the most delicious appetizers before the main course. The recipe for those appetizers is quite easy, as you will need water, vinegar, sugar, honey, and mustard.

After some weeks, the fresh pickles will be ready to be served during winter along with traditional Romanian food.

10. Papanasi

Traditional Romanian Dishes

Very simple to make, and with a delicious taste, Papanasi is one of the best traditional Romanian dishes. After you were presented with Romanian food dishes, it’s time for our last type of food to eat in Romania, the Romanian desserts. Papanasi is a mix of fried cheese doughnuts with sweet and sour cream and a variety of jam sorties. It is best served with blueberry jam, and preferably hot.

We are ending our list about what to eat in Romania with a Romanian dessert that everybody loves. Of course, You can find it in every restaurant in Romania.

Now you know all about what kind of food do they eat in Romania – Romanian food dishes

In this article, you have learned about what do they eat in Romania, or what to eat in Romania. All if you are a tourist in search of Traditional Romanian dishes. Then, You have been presented with the best Romanian dishes and details about them.

Indeed, Romanian food dishes include big traditional influences and inviting tastes to be tried. With recipes expanding from generation to generation, they will never lose their Romanian cuisine identity, not even in the future. Moreover, The Romanian dishes are the best representation of the Romanian culture by keeping the cooking traditions untouchable.

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10 Best Dishes in Romania
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