Cream of Tomato Soup Recipe

cream of tomato soup recipe
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How is a homemade cream of tomato soup recipe made? You’ve come to the right place to learn how to make tomato soup at home and to make sure you’re creating the most delicious recipe you’ve ever tasted. The good thing about this soup is that it’s delicious during the summer as well as during winter. You can have it hot or cold, it will still taste amazing! We are going to make today a cream of tomato soup with fresh tomatoes, fresh cream, and basil, but we’ll try our best to keep it as light yet creamy as possible! If you’re looking for national connections, this recipe is a mix of Italian notes and Hungarian ones, so you’ll find in it both fresh basil and garlic!

How to make tomato soup?

cream of tomato soup recipe

When it comes to a fresh cream of tomato basil soup recipe, the steps are really easy, and you don’t need much, only a few ingredients and a blender. When I first made my first cream of tomato soup recipe, it was bad, and it took some time to finally make it well, so please make sure you pay attention to everything I have to say here.

Your most important step to cook cream of tomato soup from fresh tomatoes is to buy the right tomatoes. Please make sure you buy only ripe tomatoes, softer, juicy ones. Otherwise, the taste of the soup will lower.

You can make an easy tomato soup with some ripe tomatoes, a few fresh leaves of basil, a potato, garlic, fresh cream, and a few other things that everyone who loves cooking has it in their kitchens for sure! Let’s see what to pay attention to in this recipe!

Cream of tomato soup with fresh tomatoes

It’s really important when you make a cream of tomato basil soup recipe to use fresh ingredients. Beyond the ripe tomatoes, when you do homemade cream of tomato soup recipes, you’ll need cloves of garlic, and potato too. And of course, there’s the fresh basil, which if you don’t have at home, you can find in pots in most supermarkets.

Another step for those asking how to make tomato soup, and especially a homemade tomato soup recipe that’s creamy and tasty is this! Have a good blender! Once everything is cooked, you will need to blend your ingredients together and blend it for long enough to make it perfectly creamy. Also warning here! Please make sure you always wait for the soup to cool down before you start blending it! We want to avoid a burn right?

Why should you do the cream of tomato soup recipe?

Look, I have no problem with Heinz cream of tomato soup, or any other types of canned, ready-to-eat soups. However, I do prefer homemade cream of tomato soup recipes because they are healthier, full of vitamins, and much more delicious! And, there’s no way you will ever buy a perfectly creamy tomato soup that’s pre-made which would be more delicious than the one you make yourself!

Not to mention the fact, that you can make this recipe during the cold months to warm you up. But also you can make it during summer and have it cold. It’s delicious both ways! So here’s the recipe for cream of tomato soup!

cream of tomato soup recipe

Cream of Tomato Soup Recipe

Try the best cream of tomato basil soup recipe! If you've been looking for a cream of tomato soup recipe that's healthy and homemade, you will definitely love this one! An easy soup that's great for winter and summer, and it's delicious! Let's see how to make a cream of tomato soup from fresh tomatoes!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Course Soup
Servings 4 servings


  • 1 kg Fresh Tomatoes
  • 1 large Onion (white)
  • 3 cloves Garlic
  • 1 tsp Sugar
  • Salt, Pepper after taster
  • 50 ml Fresh Cream
  • 1 large Potato
  • 6 leaves Fresh Basil
  • 500 ml Water
  • 1 tbs Olive Oil


  • Once you have your fresh ingredients, wash them well. Chop the tomatoes, peel the potato and the garlic, and then chop the potatoes too in smaller cubes.
  • While preparing all that, put the olive oil in a deeper pot, and warm it up, then add the tomatoes in, and stir them well. At this point you can add the sugar, salt and pepper too as well as the nutmeg.
  • If you want to keep the garlic in the soup, you can cut them in half and add those after you've been cooking the tomatoes for about 2-3 minutes on low heat. If you won't want to keep the garlic, you can just add the full cloves in. (peeled!)
  • After about 5-6 minutes of cooking on low heat, pour the water on the mix and take it to medium heat and bring the soup to boil.
  • As soon as that happens, take the heat down to the lowest, add the potatoes and cook it for another 15 minutes. When everything is soft and cooked, take it down the stove and leave it to cool down a little bit.
  • Add the fresh cream and the fresh basil, and use a blender to blend the tomatoes, potatoes, and garlic well. Taste it of course, and season it after taste.
  • You can serve it with croutons, on its own, or with cheese on top too. You can also add onions if you'd like a more intense taste.
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Wrapping up this soup recipe

Now that we’ve been through the recipe for cream of tomato soup, and we went through step-by-step how to make tomato soup, let’s see some other recipes! You can check the French Onion Soup recipe, as well as Hungarian chicken soup! We also have plenty of second-course ideas too! After a creamy tomato soup, you might want to check the cream of blue cheese soup recipe too! We hope you enjoy our homemade tomato soup recipe!

Hungarian version: Paradicsom Krémleves

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Cream of Tomato Soup Recipe
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